The Team

Liliana Arriaga

Administration Manager

Through teamwork focusing on each of the areas: Administration, Communications, Alliances and Events, we help the foundation to be a link between people who want to help and organizations that already help, benefiting the most needy and vulnerable of our country, focusing actions on opportunities for children and youth, education, values and health.


Gabriel Juárez 

Communications Coordinator
We work to channel aid through media towards the needs of the most vulnerable population in our country. We carry out high-impact strategies to generate social awareness and transmit our values.

Raquel Von Hundelshausen  

Events Coordinator
Our goal is to generate high social impact in the country through activities that support entrepreneurship, sports, culture, national art, and much more.

Vernon Caballero 

Alliances Coordinator 

Empathy is what leads us to understand the motivations of people, maintaining the spirit to help others is a task that day by day we fight to promote in Salvadorans.

Melissa Campos   

Administrative Assistant

Executing all the necessary administrative processes is my goal to contribute to this great cause, correctly applying the procedures and achieving the best results to fulfill the goal of positively reaching more lives.